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Handmaid’s Tale Is TV’s Best Comedy

Score 70%

Side Splitting Comedy

In The Handmaid’s Tale, Offred, one the few fertile women known as Handmaids in the oppressive Republic of Gilead, struggles to survive as a reproductive surrogate for a powerful Commander and his resentful wife. Set in what we can only assume is a post-Trump, war-torn, New England-based theocracy that has over thrown the United States government (we can only assume because there’s no real back story) hilarity abounds in this non-stop laugh fest that is The Handmaid’s Tale.

Elizabeth Moss’ comic timing is unparalleled in her startling “inner voice monologues” that lead us through this deeply multidimensional world.  Each scene has more talking than the one that came before it — and there’s almost no overt sense of feminist anger trying to explain the world that could come to pass.

When Aunt Lydia (played by Victoria Tennant) rips out Emily’s eye (Alexis Bendel) the laughs roll uncontrollably.  I’m not sure why, I kind of stopped listening, but seriously when she went at her with that electric cattle prod? Hysterical!

Just check out these amazing press photos:

Handmaids Standing. This is serious quality entertainment right here.

Handmaids Walking. Offred & Ofglen walk in the first few episodes. A lot.

Handmaids Shopping. Mmm… Oranges! Don’t those look delicious?

Handmaids Sitting.  It’s a whirl-wind, action-packed, thrill-ride!

Beyond, though, the comical beatings with fundamentalist religious overtones, the hilarity continues when you understand that the entire point of all those chicks in the red robes is to make babies. Now, this is some television that’s made just for me. See, in the future, all the women (and probably dudes) are sterile because of, you know, the environment or some other bad, male-led capitalist plot device.

So if you’re of good breeding stock, guess what? You’ve just got the most important job in the world. Bang dudes while their wives watch and make babies. Hysterical, right? It’s comedy gold! Plus, if the handmaids get to friendly with their sterile wive’s husband they get beat and punished of their, you know, decent humanity in a truly borked vision of the future. The jokes practically write themselves!

Glaring to the Right. This show has it all.

Glaring to the Left. See?  Glaring in both directions!

The Ceremony

The funniest part of this show is the recurring “ceremony” when the religious zealots get to have a weirdly mechanical menagerie-a-trois (that means threesome, you illiterate mook) with their barren wives and their red-robed hand maids. That’s some serious comedy right there. I think there’s a PornHub category for this now. It’s becoming as popular as casting couch, pawn shop, fake taxi, and dmv rage porn. (Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

One of the funniest “Ceremonies” during this all-too-short series is when the Commander can’t, you know, do the deed. Apparently, the Commander must have had a bad day commanding because he just, I guess, couldn’t get in to it. Or whatever. I mean, both those chicks are hot. Weird dresses aside. Watching them with their distant eyes and angry faces try to, you know, bang is just pure comedy.

I wish the Commander got some more screen time. I bet that guy’s day is hysterical. Commanding armies to round up fertile women. Making sure they’re not educated. Not teaching them to read. This guy’s probably got a spin-off coming.

I can feel it!

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Summary This is a smash hit. Everyone should see it, and anyone who tells you this show isn't any good isn't your friend.

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Realistic Portrayal of America's Future
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