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So I said to the cop, "That car was on fire when I got here. And as for the kid's grandma? She shouldn't have mouthed off at me." True story.

Angry Gate Agent

Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold, and the next available operator will be right with you to tell you what to go do with yourself.

Chef of the Future

Originally from ungentrified Brooklyn in 1950s America, the Chef of the Future is a popular misogynist & buffoon who never once cored a apple.

Doc Hollywood

A former television producer, film financier, and studio executive turned rogue sharing secrets, analyzing the insanity, and dropping truth bombs.

Mr. 212

New York native. City dwelling. Outer borough loving. Suburb hating. Veteran of no wars. Father of nine. Drown tragically in the Black Sea.


In computing, 'root' is a special user that manages a system. In the real world, 'root' is a special person who rides a short bus and uses a breath powered wheel chair to annoy people on line at Starbucks.

Tits McGee

Just another pretty face, Just another girl with big boobs, Just another girl with the great curves, Just another girl... Who could resist? Just. Another.

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