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The Big Bang Theory is No Laughing Matter

How Is This Show So Popular?

I do not get it.  I mean, The Big Bang Theory is fine mindless television.  But really, are there that many people that are really, truly entertained by this show?  Can someone explain it to me, please?  And use small words.  I’m obviously not smart enough to figure this out on my own.

The video above is an excruciating one minute and fifty-four second clip from the Big Bang Theory without the canned television laugh track.  It’s so unbelievably bad… I cannot believe that anyone watches this show!

Ugh.  Is it me?  Please tell me that it is.  I mean, I’d actually feel better if you guys would have an intervention.  Sit me down.  And tell me I’m just flat wrong and that this show is brilliant television.

You can’t, can you?  You can’t find anything good to say about the writing, the acting.  The performance is ridiculous… But there’s got to be something here that’s keeping Americans entertained.


In our quest to understand The Big Bang Theory’s Popularity, we watched every episode of the series.  Mostly with the sound off. Of course, that was after removing all the guns, knives, and other sharp objets we had lying around – we didn’t want to have an easy path “out”.  If you get my meaning.

After about 4 episodes, we discovered a pattern.  See if you can pick it up below…

Pattern Analysis

See? It became pretty obvious to us, too.

Upon further analysis of the data, we discovered something incredible.  Apparently, there’s a directly proportional relationship between two distinct groups of Americans as you can see below.


Percentage of Americans That Voted for Trump


Percentage of Americans that enjoy the Big Bang Theory on CBS

Further more, when asked about the show, CBS’ own research reveals some interesting insights in to the interests of viewers of The Big Bang Theory.

  • Liked Kaley Cuoco’s Jugs 87%
  • Liked Kaley Cuoco’s Knockers 89%
  • Liked Kaley Cuoco’s Hooters 84%
  • Wanted To See Kaley Cuoco’s Tatas 94%
  • Wanted To See Kaley Cuoco’s Torpedoes 91%
  • Wanted To See Kaley Cuoco’s Nip-Nips 89%
  • Would Have Sex With Kaley Cuoco 96%
  • Would Pay To See Kaley Cuoco Naked 84%
  • Would Think About Kaley Cuoco While Fapping 99%


So, in conclusion, it seems like there’s one hot chick that’s carrying the poor writing, bad directing, and horrible acting of a bunch of other Los Angeles buffoons.

And that’s no laughing matter.

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